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The words “happy” and “hour” have appeared together for centuries when describing pleasant times. In act I, scene 2 of William Shakespeare’s King Henry V the protagonist says, “Therefore, my lords, omit no happy hour/That may give furtherance to our expedition…” The use of the phrase “happy hour,” to refer to a scheduled period of entertainment is of much more recent vintage.

One possible origin of the term “Happy Hour,” in the sense of a scheduled period of entertainment, is from the United States Navy. In early 1913, a group of “home makers” called the “Happy Hour Social” organized “semi-weekly smokers” onboard USS Arkansas.[1] The name “Happy Hour Club,” “Happy Hour Social Club,” and similar variants, had been in use as the names of social clubs, primarily by women’s social clubs, since at least the early 1880s. By June 1913, the crew of Arkansas had started referring to their regularly scheduled smokers as “Happy Hours.”[2] The “Happy Hours” included a variety of entertainment, including boxing and wrestling matches, music, dancing and movies.[3] By the end of World War I, the practice of holding “Happy Hours” had spread throughout the entire Navy.[4] Get in touch with us today if you are needing a company in Naperville.